We choose victory

November 26, 2019
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We choose victory

We choose victory


I started the online boutique Be Bold in July to promote women empowerment and motivate women in their everyday lives. I am a happy person and went through a time of depression from situations I was going through. I came out of it wanting to help other women through their dark times. I pick clothes based on unique pieces. Style is what you put together and your personality. I was a tomboy and played sports as a kid and just recently started getting dressed up and finding my style. It was part of growing up.  I love Mobile and want to build the brand and business here. I want to become a motivational speaker and we are starting a podcast to help women. I am also pregnant with my first child. The baby comes in May. Becoming a mother is starting to become real to me.

I am a young, single mother, too. I admire my friend. She is a bold, independent woman. Be Bold came from her trials and tribulations and we have been there for each other through tough times. Be Bold stands for something. I came from a domestic violence relationship and Be Bold means I am not going to take this. Abuse is not love. When you are in a situation like that, you humble yourself and think it is what you deserve. I am not like that anymore. My kids saw things they never should have seen. How do I help them through that? Girls in Mobile are being killed by their boyfriends. Why am I so fortunate to survive? It seemed like every time an abusive situation happened to me, another girl would be killed. The majority of this is happening to African American women and we need to be bold and talk about it. Love for a black man is understanding he has been in survival mode and trying to fix that and be that shoulder. But most men don’t know how equally yoke and provide it in return. Chaniqua and I have learned we can be a victim or make a victory out of a situation. We choose victory.
We are music junkies and also want to talk about music and culture in Mobile. We want to raise awareness of entrepreneurs here.  Another friend is going to co-host the podcast. It is going to be three, headstrong women talking about life who won’t hold back.
(Here is the link to the Be Bold online boutique: https://beboldbtq.bigcartel.com/)

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