We do about 30 miles an hour, and about 100 miles a day

August 4, 2020
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We do about 30 miles an hour, and about 100 miles a day

We do about 30 miles an hour, and about 100 miles a day

“We were in Branson, Missouri. My grandpa has a farm up there. He had a stroke and doesn’t get around so much. Every summer I go up there and pull in his hay and plow his fields. Then we go back to Florida for the winter. He isn’t doing well and didn’t have as many crops this year. We got done early and didn’t make as much money as we had hoped we would have. We usually work with Labor Finders during the week, but they were closed due to the Coronavirus. We are perfectly able to work. We usually ride Greyhound up and back. When we went up, Greyhound was open, but we couldn’t get a bus ticket when we wanted to come back. So we left Missouri on these bikes. We are going to Daytona Beach. We live just outside of there.

I motorized my bike and I am pulling her with a rope. You can get the motor kit on Amazon. It only takes 50 cents to fill up the tank and we can go about 100 miles on it. We left Branson about the middle or end of May. We do about 30 miles an hour and do 100 to 125 miles a day. I knew I could do this because after my mom passed away from breast cancer 20 years ago my dad, and brother and I rode from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Key West to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. There were 18 of us riding together.

The sign helps us pay for gas and food. Most everyone has been really nice to us. We sleep in our tent in campgrounds or along the road. Some cops tell us we can’t stay in their town or they don’t like the sign. I am a veteran and served in the 82nd Airborne. I have been to Iraq, Iran, and Germany. We are Christians and God takes care of us. We have faith we will make it each day. We have not been hungry one day. People pull us over and give us a little money or sometimes a motel room. Even the restaurants are nice to us and let us take our dog in. People are good and God is great. We blow out tires and have had flats that we couldn’t patch or fix, someone will always pick me up and take me to Walmart and help us out. There is a lot of good left in the world.”

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