We fought two world wars to stop this from happening

October 11, 2019
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We fought two world wars to stop this from happening

We fought two world wars to stop this from happening

“No one in Britain knows what is going to happen. Nor does the Prime Minister. This is one of the great mysteries of all time. It is going to take place or not take place in two weeks. I think there will be another postponement until the middle of next year. The consequences of that might be quite dire. People are fed up. We voted on this in 2016. Where we will be in two weeks time, I don’t know.

What we voted for to join the European Union is not what it has become. In 1973, we joined in a different guise altogether. It was called the Common Market, European countries trading freely with no tariffs. Belgium was a small country with little significance and was chosen as the capital.  We could trade freely and stay independent with our own laws. Undemocratically, it morphed into something else. The powers in Belgium who were not elected got together with heads of countries from all over Europe and slowly it grew into the United States of Europe with the power still in Belgium. Our leaders never told us, they just did it. We went from a trading block to a European power with laws being dictated by the EU. Our sovereignty is eroding. We have no say in our fishing or agricultural policies. If this keeps going, you won’t be recognized as a citizen of Great Britain, but Europe. There is talk of a European Army. Don’t forget we fought two world wars to stop this from happening. We lost millions of lives not to be told what to do by a dictator. Slowly the people had enough and agendas popped up to spring us from Europe. There was a groundswell of people who wanted out and political parties emerged around this.
At the time of the referendum, the government didn’t realize the power of the people who wanted to leave. There was so much tension, something had to be done. David Cameron said if the Tories won the majority we will have a referendum to stay our leave. He thought we would vote to stay. He got the biggest shock of his life when 17,759,000 voted to leave while 16,580,00 voted  to stay. He didn’t have any plans for leaving because he didn’t think it would happen. We didn’t know there was a two-year get out clause. They have been trying to negotiate deals and the European Union is reluctant to let us go. We send a billion pounds in taxes a month to the EU. Some of it subsidizes the less well of countries The EU is blocking Brexit and trying to create a vortex of apathy within the nation. We become so frustrated we might as well stay. Southern England would vote tomorrow to stay. In the north is high unemployment and are suffering from economic pressure brought from the policies of the European Union and they want out at any cost. For the moment, it is peaceful, but I can’t guarantee it will always be that way.  Brexit raises temperatures and there could be street riots. The nation is divided by stay or leave.
They should honor the referendum because it was a democratic vote. If not, democracy is at stake. Boris Johnson was one of the instigators of getting out and he is for getting out at any cost even without a deal. That might be the best thing to do. If we break away, others like Italy may follow.  When change comes about, it is drastic and painful. Problems in Ireland, prices increasing and struggles in our economy may be consequences. But doing nothing may be just as painful, grinding us down over time. If we don’t leave, we will keep losing our voice in our government with people who don’t care what happens to us.
Nothing stays forever. The only constant in the universe is change. We will be out. It will cause pain and disruption. But staying in will cause the same thing. Maybe England can be a beacon of hope again and show people a better way.”

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