We got married in a double wedding

September 12, 2018
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We got married in a double wedding

We got married in a double wedding

“I got out of basic training and a friend got me a government job in Washington DC at the age of 18. He also had a girlfriend who had a sister. We had a double wedding.”

“We have been married for 59 years. We are down here visiting our granddaughter and great-grandson and are having a great time.

“A friend gave him the hat to remember 9-11. We were working in DC when the airplane hit the Pentagon. It was terrible and I watched my friend waiting for the phone call from her husband to say he is okay. They closed everything up and everyone went home. The whole country changed after that.  It was the beginning of what I would call a terrorist era and we’re still in it.

We have seen so much but my mother saw more.  She was born in 1910 and went to high school with a horse and buggy. She saw the beginning of the telephone, tradio, television, and cars. She saw rockets and computers. She went from horse and buggy to a man on the moon in one lifetime.

When we met each other, we started reading the Bible and he pointed out a few things to me and even went to the library of Congress to check things out. We became Seventh Day Adventists and found out about the Sabbath, the state of the dead and a few other things that others don’t believe. I grew up Methodist and the biggest difference is that Methodists believe that you go to heaven as soon as you die where the Bible really says you go to the grave and you sleep until Jesus returns. At the end of times, there’s one moment that everybody rises up together.”

“We also don’t believe in evolution. If you don’t believe God can create the world in six days, then you need a new God. I’ve never seen an alligator with feathers on it and they can’t produce one. Evolution is man’s idea to get away from God. There’s billions of galaxies out there now, but it was all put together in a little tiny ball and it exploded. That can’t be how God’s great creation began.”

“We all have free will and it’s the person’s choice of what to believe. You either accept it or you go another way. I think a lot of people have gone the other way, therefore our world is changing. But the Bible says that’s going to happen even it we don’t want it to. Continue to look for the good in people because there’s still a lot of good here. We still live in a country with the freedom to sit here and reflect on our lives and be grateful for the country we live in.”

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