We have a strong spiritual bond

March 4, 2016
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We have a strong spiritual bond

We have a strong spiritual bond

“That is my daughter and this is my best friend.”
“This is my best friend.”
“We are all Jehovah’s Witnesses.”
“We live in Detroit and are visiting my daughter who moved to Mobile.”
“We love Mobile. It has been fun and laughter from the day we got here. We have gone everywhere.”
“I want to move here. We pulled it up on Zillow today. My husband died two years ago and I am thinking about leaving Detroit. I really like what I see in Mobile. Everyone has been so happy and friendly.”

“What makes you laugh?”

“We love each other and enjoy being together.”
“We all have a good sense of humor.”
“We also have a strong spiritual bond. They take care of me from a distance with phone calls, texts, cards and visits. I moved here to help deaf people learn the Bible through sign language. There is a dense deaf population in Mobile.”

“What has been your favorite restaurant?”

“Lambert’s. It was amazing.”
“They being food around the whole time you are eating and we got to throw rolls at each other.”

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