We have been good for each other

December 28, 2016
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We have been good for each other

We have been good for each other

“We spent time with family all day and now we are escaping to spend time with each other. I am from up north and just moved down here. I moved here for her.”

“We met online in March of this year. We were friends and a lot of our issues are the same issues. We had both been through abusive and unhealthy relationships.”

“We got to know each other and started caring for each other. I needed this change.”

“We have been good for each other. I am a quiet person but if I click with you I will talk your ear off. It was like I had known her forever. It is rare when you meet someone and immediately have that bond.”

“I took a chance and stepped out on faith. I got here in late June. I have been surprised at how accepting people have been. People here are welcoming and friendly and I have never experienced this. Up north, everything is cut and dry.”

“I am from a conservative family and don’t talk a lot about being gay, but if you ask me, I am honest. I want you to accept me for my education and what I am good at.”

“What are your goals for 2017?”

“We want to get ourselves financially situated in 2017 and start a family. I have kids and they are older and out of college. I am starting over again and getting a second chance.”

“Her kids and grandkids are pulling me out of my shell. They have been good for me. I want to adopt a child, but we are starting with this puppy. I named her Stella after one of my favorite beers. She is a handful.”

2 comments on “We have been good for each other”

  1. Chanche says:

    Lynn, it was such a pleasure to meet you over the holiday. Still, in shock you picked us out of all the people on the pier that evening. The brief story you wrote of us has really touched my heart. So glad we meet. Thank you and have a Happy New Year!!!!

    1. Lynn Oldshue says:

      I have been smiling over you and Sunny the last few days. Thank you for saying yes. I hope I run into you again.

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