We have been married a couple of weeks

July 21, 2017
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We have been married a couple of weeks

We have been married a couple of weeks

“We have been married a couple of weeks. We got married on July 8.”

“We are official. I keep thinking, wait a minute, I am a wife.”

“I have to get used to saying this is my wife instead of my girlfriend. We dated for three years. I proposed to her at my family’s house during halftime of an Alabama football game. Everyone was there. I had to make sure she was going to say yes.We went on a cruise to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. Neither one of us had ever been on a cruise. Sometimes being married seems too perfect, too good to be true.”

“We need to remember these days.”

“We were both corrections officers in Holman.”

“I have been a train conductor for nine months. I am the eyes of the train and hooking up everything. I took a leap of faith and started a new profession. Being a corrections officer was too stressful.”

“I am stressed too, and want to get out of corrections. But I was waiting until after the wedding.

“Our dream is to have a home and kids and to keep loving each other the way that we do.”

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