We have found the one person who can handle each of us

May 3, 2019
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We have found the one person who can handle each of us

We have found the one person who can handle each of us

“I have been riding motorcycles since I was two years old riding with my dad, I have been around them my whole life.”

“I started with dirt bikes. My dad bought one and I started riding it when I was 12. It impressed the boys.”
“I love it when people look at her and think she can’t ride. Then she shows them what’s up.”
“We are both from northern Alabama but he was living down here. We had a mutual friend and then we became friends. We didn’t think we would date because we lived too far away from each other. We talked every day for over a year about the people we were dating. One day he said let’s got out and I said alright.”
“Let’s make it happen. That’s what we did. We have so much in common. We like people looking at us funny and waving at them just to set them off. They look at me and assume everything. It’s a biker, let’s back off. They don’t see that I am a senior operator and I was prior military. Bikers do so much for local charities and are always looking for ways to give back and help.”
“How I am dressed is normal for me. I am an RN for home health. When my employers found out how much I was tattooed, they were worried about what the old people would think. The old people recognize me because of the tattoos. They call me the tattoo nurse.”
“We have found the one person who can handle each of us. There is no one else in the world who can put up with me. When you find the right person, you find the right person.”
“We learned from other marriages what not to do. We ride bikes as much as we can and that is our happy place. When he is driving a car, I am scared to death. On the back of the bike, I trust him 100 percent.”
“There is a confidence riding a bike. The first time we went on a ride I wanted to see what she could take. When you have the Milwaukee vibrator hammering down, you find out who can ride or not. I went through a curve at 80 miles an hour throwing sparks out the back. The only thing she said was you better not mess up my boots. After that, I knew we were good. She didn’t care about the sparks and sliding, just her boots. She buys boots the way I buy parts for the Harley.”
“I want my own bike but he is afraid I won’t ride with him anymore. I told him if he didn’t get me a bike he had to get me a Jeep.”
“I bought her a Jeep.”

2 comments on “We have found the one person who can handle each of us”

  1. Emily Tidwell says:

    Country loving!!!!! Love you guys

  2. Dawn says:

    Great love story! Enjoy your ride! ☝️ Thank you for helping your fellowman.

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