We have fun being fruitcakes

October 26, 2018
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We have fun being fruitcakes

We have fun being fruitcakes

“We are family and had a cousin who was 95 years old who we took care of and I took care of her finance. A cousin from the other side of the family accused me of stealing her money and called us fruitcakes. And as my sister said…”

“We took lemons and made lemonade.”
“I proved I didn’t touch her money. That is past us and now we make wonderful memories together traveling the south. We showed her. We are sisters, a sister-in-law and a cousin.”
“We have had fun being fruitcakes ever since. We are fun, but we care a lot about people and are not thieves. We are from Waco, Texas.”
“I am a cat lady. We have five that live with us and 27 at the shop and the barn. We have 64 acres. All of them have names. One is ‘Lulu Kitty Girl Swirl Nugget’ because of her fur. Another is ‘Pierre Giovanni Tuxedo Tux Hendrick.’ Baby Cat is just Baby Cat but he weighs 32 pounds.”
“I have a Calico cat and her name is Cally.”
“My husband traded me in for a Playboy Bunny. They were married for six weeks. I was also the Easter Bunny in my small town every Easter. They said, call Fran, we don’t know anyone else stupid enough to do this. The Easter Bunny and the Playboy Bunny. I need to get a tattoo with bunny ears.”

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