We have to speak out now before it is too late

October 7, 2019
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We have to speak out now before it is too late

We have to speak out now before it is too late

“I am from Norwich. I worry about social collapse from climate change. I worry about crops failing. I worry about my mum. How am I going to get medicine and food for her? The people with money and power don’t care about the climate. They can sell their homes on the coast and run away. We live in a low-lying, flat county. If the oceans rise, our whole coast and county are gone. We will have to move to the midlands and live in tent cities because our homes will be gone. We have to speak out now before it is too late.  If you have a conscience, you can’t do otherwise. You don’t want to think about your child dying in a car crash, but you still put their seatbelt on. You can tell a change in the weather even here. We will be in London for two weeks with Extinction Rebellion doing non-violent acts. We are close to an emergency and this will be a big, beautiful spectacle trying to get attention to climate change. We are targeting the elites and powerful around Westminister. We are trying to keep if off the shoulders of ordinary people because this is not their fault.
People have come from all over England. We are a small country and can come together much easier than you can in the U.S. There are so many of us that we have 11 sites. We are working in affinity groups of 10 or 20. We have 14 in our group and we will look after each other. We don’t know where we are sleeping each night. This is the nicest group of people you will ever meet. Look at all of the gray hair. We have activated the grannies. These are grandparents who are worried about the world they are passing to their grandchildren. They can afford to be here for days. They can be sent to jail and not be worried about the ramifications of being arrested. We also have retired policemen, businessmen, and doctors who care about the climate.”
“Everyone here, whether they wanted Brexit or not, feels that the government is not doing its job. No one is happy. Boris Johnson was chosen to be prime minister by members of the conservative party, not the people. What if that happened in the United States where you didn’t elect your president? Johnson is illegitimate in a lot of ways but he is still responsible for our future. XR is apolitical, but we are riding a wave of disgruntlement. We had a rebellion in the spring. 1100 people were arrested, but it was peaceful. The cops were good and were very helpful to us. This time XR wants 5,000 arrests and 500 to go to jail.  Our goal is to overload the police system to break the government. Once the cells are full, the police will have to drive us out of London. It is putting pressure on the government at a time they are massively under pressure. It is a tinderbox.  I will be the one sitting in front of the Treasury blowing bubbles.”

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  1. Richard Trice says:

    In the US we have books and guides about medicinal plants and such as The Lost Ways by Claude Davis http://www.askaprepper.com
    You may not find a cure but you will surely find treatments for medical conditions that were common knowledge 100 or so years ago. I’m sure you must have something of this type in your country.

    Hope This Helps.

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