We met feeding the homeless

April 15, 2018
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We met feeding the homeless

We met feeding the homeless

“We met handing out food to people in need.”

“I posted on the God’s Army Facebook page that we would be our feeding the homeless on Sunday afternoon. He messaged me and then showed up and the rest is history.”

“I had been praying for two things. For a way to be more of an impact for helping the homeless and for a Godly wife. He answered both of those prayers. From our first date, everything flowed smoothly. We started dating May of 2016, got engaged New Year’s Day of 2017 and married two months later.”

“I had been praying for a man to do this with. We teach five and six-year-olds at Sunday School at church and feed the homeless inside the church on Tuesdays.”

“Serving has humbled me. I realized material things aren’t as important as I used to think they were. I didn’t realize how much God does for me on a daily basis.”

“It is getting out of myself and serving, the more my self dies and the more he gives me. When I don’t do it, I miss it. We serve because God loves us and we love him. It is fulfilling. Sometimes we take snacks out to the bus station, people waiting for layovers. We go out and talk to them and let them know they are loved.”

“God uses us to love his children. Everyone is worthy of love. Some are amazed to know someone cares about them.”

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