We ride together on trains

April 14, 2018
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We ride together on trains

We ride together on trains

“We are from New Jersey and Texas. We came on a freight train and are passing through. We ride together and keep each other company. I have been doing this off and on for 26 years. Why not ride trains? I thought they were cool as a kid and I realized a lot of people were doing it. I got stuck in it. The life is addicting. My parents passed away and I didn’t have a home to go back to.”

“We have been all over the country on a train. I went to Canada, too. We are going to Selma and Talladega National Forest next. It was beautiful riding through the Rockies and seeing the Milky Way. From Pensacola to here, the swampland is so beautiful. Always keep three points of contact. If you have an issue with the train, the train is going to win.”

“I ran out of cigarettes and it is rough when I do. I am trying to panhandle for a pack of smokes. We meet cool people along the way. If I am around a church on a Sunday I will go. I like to see if they will accept me when I walk in. Do they treat me as they would a brother wearing nice clothes? Nine times out of ten I am accepted. I walk in all-black churches and they accept me, too. Sometimes people invite me to their home to wash clothes and sleep in their guest room. The tattoo on my fingers says ‘Free Food. I like to feed people. I don’t want to see them hungry. If I have food, I will share it. Isaiah 58:10 says ‘Care for the oppressed and your true light will like the noonday sun.’ Don’t talk buy and say ‘screw these guys.’ You might be surprised by what you hear.”

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