We used to fight like boys

April 19, 2018
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We used to fight like boys

We used to fight like boys

“We are sisters. We were born in California and moved here. We also lived in Florida, Texas, Louisiana.”

“We were Navy brats. Our family settled here. She has been back here for 15 years and I have been here a few months. I am about to move to Salt Lake City or Huntsville and am in job offer negotiations.”

“She’s the free spirit. I got married two weeks ago and I love it. I like hanging out on the farm with my chickens. It is where I shut down. She can talk to anyone. I prefer isolation.”

“We are closer now than we were growing up. I was like the third parent and had to take care of her. She did a lot of learning on her own.”

“Remember that time I almost bit your arm off when we were living in California? We were young and we used to fist fight like boys.”

“There were two girls down the street and we would fight just as much with them. We were close like sisters but we liked to fight with the punching and kicking.”

“I gut-punched Shelby once, but she deserved it. She wouldn’t shut up.”

“There were two boys who lived on the cul-de-sac and they were girlier than us. They didn’t fight like we did. We had all of the testosterone on the street.”

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