We want to show that people here are talking about it

June 4, 2020
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We want to show that people here are talking about it

We want to show that people here are talking about it

“Sitting at home, I got tired of social media and it made me sick to see the state of the world. I wanted to get out here and show Fairhope and as far as this message can go that some people here are talking about it. That we should be talking about it. We have gotten lots of beeps. One man walked up and said he had fought in Vietnam and said we were brave to be doing this in the deep South. It is raining and someone gave us this umbrella and poncho and said you are doing good things, keep it up.”

“People are behind the cause. I am starting law school in a few weeks. This is a strange time to go into law. We are watching history. It is the next chapter of the Civil Rights movement and I want to be a part and learn from this. I want to understand protesting and what others are going through. I will never know what it is like to be a black man. I have privileges and I need to recognize them and make sure I am doing what I can so that others have those same privileges. Hating or judging someone over skin color is disgusting and this needs to be over. It is hard to understand what is real from watching the news.”

“I just graduated from Springhill College and want to be a lawyer with my brother. I am also going to apply to law school, but the LSATs were canceled due to coronavirus.”

“We grew up in the Boston area and came to Fairhope my senior year of high school, his junior year. It was very hard for me, but that is when we became close because we only had each other. I love the South now and can see myself living here for the rest of my life. We just need kindness, love, and understanding each other to get through this. We want to help make things better.”

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  1. We are so proud of your courage. Our friend Tarrel James was the man who stopped and talked with you. He was a Vietnam activist, not in the war. My husband Bob Zellner and I had dinner with Tarrell & wife Kay last night, he recounted meeting the two of yo and how proud he was.
    Bob Zellner was a foot soldier in the Civil Rights Struggle, we live here in Fairhope and would like to meet you or . In Solidarity Pamela & Bob Zellner.

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