We wanted to experience the ‘Bama

January 11, 2018
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We wanted to experience the ‘Bama

We wanted to experience the ‘Bama

We have never been to Alabama so we wanted to experience the ‘Bama.”

“I live in Florida but we go to school together in California and they came to visit me and we decided to come to Alabama.”

“The thick accents are what I expected, but I like it.”

“It is pretty. So many green trees here. It’s not like that in California, which is surprising.”

“The cows are different, too. I have only seen dairy cows, black and white cows. These are real cows.”

“We are freshmen and suitemates. I want to write musicals and jingles for ads and majoring in musical composition.”

“Three of us are majoring in pre-med. There is a lot of pressure to make it through and get to the MCAT.”

“My parents don’t think I am going to make it through college. They don’t think I am independent enough. I am doing my own laundry and sauteed spinach the other day and cut up mushrooms for the first time when we made a home-cooked meal.”

“I am scared of little holes. We went to the Pensacola lighthouse and the stairs have a bunch of holes in them and I panicked and couldn’t go up.”

“Do you have Jewish people here? I am Jewish and live in Agoura Hills where the Kardashians live. I am Jewish and where I live everyone is Jewish. I got out and people tell me I am the first Jewish person they have met.”

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