We were cheerleaders together at Vigor High School

May 25, 2018
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We were cheerleaders together at Vigor High School

We were cheerleaders together at Vigor High School

“We were cheerleaders together at Vigor High School. I was the only boy cheerleader and I liked it like that. I would change at halftime and put on my band uniform.”

“I was Miss Vigor in 1954 and part of the first graduating class. I was an Azalea Trail Maid. He could have graduated early but he stayed another year to be a cheerleader.”

“We were just friends in high school and didn’t do much together until recently. She dated in high school, but not me. We just started going out together about two weeks ago.”

“It started three months ago when he sent me a picture of us when we were cheerleaders. A friend had sent it to him. We started talking on the phone every day checking in on each other. Sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes an hour. Then we went to dinner.”

“She talks. I listen.

“I used to be so bashful. I am not bashful anymore. I saw him twenty-something years ago at a bank and he had a black mustache. and I thought my goodness he looked good. He asked me if I was divorced or getting a divorce and I said I am divorced. If I had thought more about it, I should have gone up and hugged his neck and we could have gotten something started back then. Sometimes he would drive by my house but never came to the door.”

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