We will be on the road until the RV runs into the ground

February 20, 2018
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We will be on the road until the RV runs into the ground

We will be on the road until the RV runs into the ground

“We are traveling across the country in different directions and just met at the pier.”

Jeff & Abby

“We left Maine in an RV in the middle of October and started making our way down. We have been through Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Virginia. We may go to Texas or Mexico next. We will be on the road until the RV runs into the ground. We have had a few adventures and weird jobs along the way. We worked at a Christmas tree farm and lasted for two weeks. It sucked out all of our Christmas spirit.”

“We met when I hiked the Appalachian Trail last summer. I hitchhiked into New Hampshire and she picked me up. I moved into the RV and we have been together ever since.”

“I was on my way back from a babysitting gig and there was this crazy person jumping up and down on the side of the road with his thumb out. I had to pick him up. Now we live on the road very frugally. Gas is our biggest expense. We don’t pay for camping and dumpster dive for food behind grocery stores, drug stores and restaurants. There are a lot of fruit baskets. The other day we found a bunch of tortillas and frozen pizzas. If we find an abundance of something we will put it on Craigslist and share it.”

Mona & Colin
“We are from Asheville, North Carolina. I did a cross-country trip to San Diego to visit my kids and grandchildren and saw all of the sights along the way. I even ran out of gas in the desert. I have never done something like this. He met me in Houston and now we are doing the Gulf Coast and Florida. We met because our dogs met when we were walking them. I am an artist and make clothes. I used to travel to art shows. It was a sweatshop life.”

“This is a picture of the car she painted.”

“You painted that car? We took a picture of it a few weeks ago when we passed through Asheville.”

“That is insane.”

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  1. I met Jeff and Abby when they came through Birmingham back in December. They were riding their bikes and I was doing some cleaning in front of the Alabama Theater. We ended up talking for about 20 minutes or so. They are so much fun and I loved them from the moment I met them. Their spirit made me want to jump on a bike and ride off with them. It’s good to see they are doing well! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lynn Oldshue says:

      That is funny that we both ran into them. Small world

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