“What do you want your parents to know about you?”

July 29, 2016
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“What do you want your parents to know about you?”

“What do you want your parents to know about you?”

Last night of Souls with teenage girls.

“What do you want your parents to know about you?”

“You sign us up for things and then let us know the night before. We don’t like that.”

“When our parents create our lives for us. I want to create my own life.”

“Don’t try to be cool around boys.”

“All of the boys in my sister’s grade love my dad and call to ask him to play tennis. Our friends like our parents more.”

“They don’t have to read every single text.”

“My mom finds a guy and becomes obsessed with him and talks about him nonstop.”

“When I am texting someone and my parents ask if it is a boy. Don’t do that.”

“My mom is not crazy. She is actually normal and my friend and I respect what she says. I know one day I am going to need that. I love you mom.”

“Don’t always assume the boy is my boyfriend.”

“Trust us until we have given you a reason not to trust us.”

“Adults have a different mind than kids. It is hard to relate to adults because kids have more imagination. Tell my mom what I am thinking about and she asks where did I come up with that.”

“We aren’t as bad as they think we are.”

“When I hang out with my friends, my parents have to find something to talk about with my friends. That is the worst time to bring it up.”

“When I am not at home, they text and me where I am and what I am doing. Chill out, I am not at a trap house or doing anything wrong.”

“The worst answer in the world is ‘because I said so.’ I understand if you give me a reason, but ‘because I said so’ is not a reason. Why do you know what is best for me?”

“They take our phone away and then when I ask for it they keep it for another week. I keep my mouth shut.”

“Sometimes my brothers or sisters really did it and blamed it on me.”

“Don’t tell us you should go talk to that person.”

“Don’t tell us all of our business to someone else. My parents will even tell it to strangers we don’t know.”

“My parents don’t take me seriously. I will be really mad at them and they start laughing, then I start laughing too but it makes me even madder.”

“If I say something nice about someone or that I want to hang out someone, my mom will tell them. She doesn’t need to do that.”

“Guests are coming, go clean your room. Why do I have to clean my room? My friends don’t care if my room is messy.”

“Then they say, we own this house and the argument is over.”

“Not every time we breath is an attitude problem. Sometimes a sigh is just a sigh or I am tired.”

“My parents don’t like any of my friends, but they aren’t the ones hanging out with them.”

“We don’t always have to hang out at our house.”

“I hate when my parents are right. They are right about a lot. I hate that.”

“I will not admit to my mom who told me to take a sweater that it is cold outside. She will be showing off her jacket while she knows I am cold.”

“They don’t shut the door to my room. Is it just there for decoration?”

“My dad travels a lot and isn’t home much. When he comes home, he things buying stuff makes it better. It is not the stuff. I don’t want to go shopping. Let’s go ride a horse or something.”

“They don’t let me drink coffee.”

“Even though you hate when they are right, they are right a good bit of the time, they have been there and know what we are going through. They love us and have our best interests.

“My mom is my best friend. She says ‘I am your parent and I won’t be your friend until you are 18,’ but she is the one I tell everything too. I go to her because I trust her.”

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