What do you wish boys knew about girls?

July 27, 2016
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What do you wish boys knew about girls?

What do you wish boys knew about girls?

Night number two of Our Southern Souls interviews with teenage girls on our mission trip. Not quite as scary to me as they were the night before and they went far beyond our ten-minute limit.

“What do you wish boys knew about girls?”

“Boys aren’t the only thing we talk about. Even if it seems like it.”

“Boys make it seem so easy to be a boy, but it is not easy being a girl.”

“Models are photoshopped. No one looks like that in real life, so don’t expect it.

“All girls are different. Don’t expect us to be the same.”

“We wear makeup for us, not them. And we don’t always have to wear it.”

“Don’t assume all girls like you.”

“Quit looking at the zits on our forehead.”

“We are middle schoolers, we can talk to boys and just be friends. Guy friends are the best and it can just be friends.”

“The boy should text first. I can’t talk on the phone because I sound like an idiot.”

“Be yourself. You don’t have to act like someone out of The Notebook.”

“Don’t judge us by how we look. Get to know who we are.”

“The whole comparison thing. There is not a point to it. Girls do it to ourselves too.”

“Just because we are in a bad mood does not mean it is shark week. It makes it so much worse when they say that. It makes us mad at them and direct our anger towards them.”

“All girls aren’t mean or hate each other or talk about each other behind their backs. We may argue, but we really do get along.”

“We like this girl talk. Let’s keep talking.”

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