You can do anything for ten seconds

July 29, 2019
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You can do anything for ten seconds

You can do anything for ten seconds

“I am in the Air Force Reserve and was supposed to be leaving on deployment in Southeast Asia in March. I was active duty for four years in have been in the reserves for five. I was looking forward to this deployment and quit my job and put everything in storage. They called it off a week before I was supposed go on orders. I started applying for a new job and nothing was happening. I drove past this building on Joachim Street in April and saw the sign. A week later, I signed the lease and opened Evelyn Bay Boutique a month ago. Life changes fast.

I went to Murphy High School and decided to go in the Air Force the summer before my senior year. No one in my family had ever served. I wanted to be a part of something that made an impact on the world. Every day during my senior year I went back and forth between going and not going. I went and it changed my life. I had no idea how strong I was. You can do anything for 10 seconds. Then you go to the next 10 seconds and the next 10 seconds and it becomes a day, a month, a year. On the cap at the end of my bed, someone wrote in maker ‘Take everything a moment at a time.’ I held on to that. You can’t look at it as eight more weeks of basic training, you survive the minutes.

Making a difference is my goal. My parents once had pizza restaurants at the Holiday Inn and where Buck’s Pizza is today. Downtown Mobile is growing so much and I wanted to be a part of it. Having a boutique had always been in the back of my had. Clothes are an empowerment tool for women. It means a lot when you can put something on and feel like you can take on the world. I try to stay as reasonable as possible with prices.

Evelyn was my great-grandmother. This boutique encompasses the strength of the women in my family. Opening my own store was such a risk. What if no one likes my style or clothes? I have been surprised by how supportive and positive people have been to me. I want to have some kind of club with women to get them together once a month. Eventually, I want to give women clothing who need it and help them dress for an interview or important events in their lives. I want this store to help make Mobile a little better.”

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