You have to live right to wear purple

May 22, 2022
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You have to live right to wear purple

You have to live right to wear purple

“You have to live right to wear purple. It’s the color of God. You can’t be drinking or shacking with men and opening your legs. That is messing up. God said present your body to me as a living sacrifice.

I grew up in Mobile but moved to Birmingham when I was about 25. I will be 90 in August. All of my children and sisters are dead, but I still have Jesus.

I was in Birmingham during the hard times and civil rights. It was terrible when they bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church and the children were still in the basement. I lived close by and had just gotten home from church. The bombing shook my whole house.

I worked in private homes over the mountain all of my life. I cooked and cleaned and raised up a lot of children. Now I put the flowers in front of our building and take care of them.

I go walking after breakfast. I feed the hungry and give out hotdogs, bottles of water, and bags of potato chips to the bus drivers. Everybody around here knows who I am, and a lot of them call me mama.

I will pose honey. I love to pose. I still fix my own hair, cook my own food, and take care of myself.”

Henrietta Parker


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