You Matter is a message that all of us need to hear

July 3, 2020
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You Matter is a message that all of us need to hear

You Matter is a message that all of us need to hear

“I got the van in 2017 and lived in it during 2018, and have made two cross-country road trips . I am a wedding photographer and travel a lot with that. I went to Washington and Oregon last July and August to get away from the heat. It surprised me that I missed feeling the sun. I love random conversations with strangers while traveling, but also the quiet times.

I wrote You Matter on the van and threw paint on it with a friend who had broken her leg. We did random things to keep her entertained. You Matter is a message that all of us need to hear. It has become a cliche, but we don’t understand how much we matter. Our actions, good or bad, make a difference in this world and that should make us pay more attention. I have started building a ministry and community with friends around You Matter and we are running with it.

My tattoo is Philippians 2:3-4. I became a Christian through the death of a friend. The verse is about putting others before yourself and not living in vain conceit. That is how my friend lived and it reminds me to live in humility. When I was 18 months old, my dad was helping someone on their roof. He fell off and hit his head on the concrete. He wasn’t supposed to live. He did, but it drastically changed him. He left and only came around on birthdays and holidays and then he stopped altogether. I have seen him twice since I was 12. I can go months without thinking about him. I have learned if I don’t expect things I won’t be let down.

I am an introvert, but it is easier to talk with strangers. Everyone has a story and when people are negative, it comes from something in their story that hasn’t healed. I love writing. Much of it is about God and my pursuit of Him. We have become so divided, even as Christians. We don’t feel seen. I mean it when I ask how are you?”

(Her instagram is now youmatter.ym)

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