You only have one chance at life

September 8, 2018
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You only have one chance at life

You only have one chance at life

“I am an African American farmer and I am moving back to Louisiana. I have a YouTube channel called Put Your Mine To It.  Put your mind to whatever you want to do in life because you only have one chance at it. You aren’t coming back. If you mess something up, so what. It was a part of your journey to come up to me today. Nothing starts until you start it.

One day I went home from school and my mama was dead. I was 13. What about my nose when it runs or when my tooth and stomach hurt? I was cared for by other family members but I was used and abused. After my mother died, it was three years until I could get a candy bar.
I met my husband when I was 16. He rode past on a bicycle and asked him to marry me. I knew him for three days. I got married and got out and learned about life. We have been married for 36 years but have been apart a lot of that. He had an affair and after that I met a woman and started dating her when I was 36. The relationship was based on spending time together and not sex. I don’t ever want a man in my life again.
I was suicidal and very depressed. I had a nervous breakdown and signed myself into a mental institution. The little 13 year-old-girl needed to heal. My friend asked me to come here and babysit. I am 53 and have been on my own for four years but it is time to go back to the family. My son asked me to come back home and help with his four boys. Now I am able to deal with it.
School doesn’t teach you about life and the hurdles you are going to hit. You may have an education, but you are still going to get knocked to the ground.
This hat came from Dollar Tree and people start tuning into it. I was going to take the snake off because this is a happy hat, but you always have to watch out for snakes, even when you are happy.  There are legos on the hat and other toys It makes people happy. I picked up the shells with my grandsons.
I just want to share life with my grandkids now. I want a spot to fill up with water and make a mud hole and dive in with them. We are grown too long so we need to jump in the mud while we can. I want to ride four wheelers and pick up leaves and discuss it with them.
Today I am here with my video camera letting people listen to the waves. One lady who follows me is bedridden and she encourages me to take my camera out into the world so she can see it too. Having a video camera makes me get out and see the world. I have learned don’t stay down or in a bad situation too long because the years go by so fast.”

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