September 29, 2016

I am from Robertsdale. My family used to own this land of this arena and it was my back yard. Usually, this time of year I am out in rodeos in Kansas or Texas. This year I was home and It is good to be back at this rodeo. My family farmed and rodeoed and that is why I started. I like bulldogging and roping. I had some talent and had a full-paid college scholarship. Now it is a huge blessing and a fun way to make a living, but I am 26-years-old and it hurts like hell to get up in the morning. If you catch the steer like you are supposed to, there shouldn’t be much hurting, but if you miss one, you can tear up and ACL or shoulder. I haven’t been seriously injured yet. One day I won’t be able to do this.  The horse I rode tonight is fresh. He hasn’t been around a lot of rodeos, but he has a lot of talent. Tonight he was spooked by the fair and the lights. I thought he would act up, but tonight was a little more. You go back to the basics and take care of the horse first and then do my job. It was a little aggravating but I am glad I got him to do right. I could have been faster, but our time is winning for now. Taking off is an adrenaline rush like no other. I have to stay aggressive and enjoy it. This horse is running as fast as he can and hopefully he is doing what I trained him to do, but he is still an animal. The main objective is to tackle a steer that doesn’t want any part of it. In 2014, I was reserve world champion, which is the highest anyone from Alabama has finished. I won the Washington Stage Fair and Rodeo. I won a truck, $10,000 cash and a saddle at a rodeo in Guthrie, Oklahoma. I have been fortunate. I have qualified twice for the national finals in Las Vegas, less than 10 people in Alabama have done it and only 3 steer wrestlers have ever done it. Every weekend I compete in a rodeo and practice religiously. I get paid well to win, I don’t get paid for just showing up.  I started shoot dogging when I was 11 and a steer’s horn went through my lip. I had a change in plans this year because I got married and have a baby coming and had to regroup. Since the start of rodeo, Alabama has never had someone win a world championship.  I want to be the first one from Alabama to win a gold buckle.”


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