I am a single mother of 8 and we have created a multilingual language program

September 23, 2017

First time I have ever taken a story submitted like this, but it is so inspiring that I had to share it, just as she sent it. I watched some of her videos and she believes languages breaks down walls and connects people. If I was in Charlotte, NC this is a story I would have done.

Hi I have a story and I would like to share it .. I don’t know if you would like it but here goes …
My children and I have created a multilingual program hoping to inspire mothers across the world to teach their children another language and to make it fun. I’m a single mother of 8 I’m a black latina (only child). My mother is incarcerated since I was 3. She was accused of murdering my little brothers. My last son Emilio was born 5 months ago with a small heart defect so I knew after that I wouldn’t be able to go back to work so that’s when I started working on my own business. I teach for free at my home and when someone wants us to come out and teach that’s when I charge a small fee which goes back into the business for supplies and cool clothes to help the kids learn better .. We are in charlotte nc. LIKE I said I don’t know if you would like my story but just thought I would share cause I do have one.


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