I couldn’t push him away. I tried.

January 14, 2024

Eric:  “This is our eighth anniversary. We met on the Internet. We both went to LeFlore High School, but Deja was a year older than me. I knew all of her cousins. She never knew I existed.”

Deja: “We stayed two streets over from each other. I never saw Eric in the neighborhood. He was younger, so I didn’t pay him any attention. He hit me up one day on Facebook. I woke up the next day to him liking 50 pictures. Is he a stalker?”

Eric: “She made a post; I answered with a picture. That’s what kicked it off.”

Deja: “He was real extra and started flirting, asking for my number. I said, ‘we’ll see’. He was on every post from then on. I gave him my number. He asked me to lunch. He was rushing. Hold up. Let me feel this out. I had been out of a relationship for four years and was standoffish. Eric kept trying to see me. I lived with my mom and let him come to our house—but I was only coming to the door. He just stood there, looking at me.”

Eric: “She was real. And she was beautiful.”

Deja: “We’ve been inseparable ever since. He would bring me breakfast and coffee every morning, making sure I ate. He was attentive and checked all of the boxes.”

Eric: “I would get full just looking at her.”

Deja: “See. Real extra. I couldn’t push him away. I tried.”

Eric: “She tried, but I succeeded. I still feed her breakfast even though she is the one who can really cook. She is beautiful and cooks. Man, that’s a plus plus.”

Deja: “I’ll be 50 in May.  I am an only child and an empty nester. My mom died in 2018 and my kids are grown. I’m pretty laid back, but every day with Eric is an adventure. He keeps me alive and on my toes. 

Eric: “If the sun is peeking out, I am up. Ready to go. The house is cleaned. The coffee is made. I take care of Deja. When she gets her nails done, I stop by with jokes and mimosas.”

Deja: “He gave me this purse, a tote bag, and roses for our anniversary.”

Eric: “And a bottle of champagne. On ice. Marriage teaches us that every road has a bumpit’s how you drive down the street. My best friend died, so now I come to Deja with everything. Sports. Clothes. We both like to shop.”

Deja: “People say I’m the mirror image of him. I don’t know what to think about that. I guess we match each other. Our story is still being written.”


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