I didn’t give up on nursing

September 16, 2023

“I’m a nurse in Nashville. I recently turned 30 and my sister and I went to the Taylor Swift concert. It was the best night ever. I read about Fairhope in Southern Living, and it sounded cute, so I came down here for a quick break.

I started college at the University of Tennessee and planned to go there for nursing school, but my grades weren’t good enough. I was kicked out of the program. I loved my friends and UT and thought about staying and changing my major. But I really wanted to be a nurse, so I transferred to another school. I am not the best at math and science, and nursing school was hard, but I made it through. I was so proud on graduation day. I care for many types of people, and l love listening and learning about them. I am glad I didn’t give up on nursing.”



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