I grew up in the country in Butler, Alabama before I became a model

March 19, 2017

“I grew up in the country in Butler, Alabama. My grandparents had a farm and we picked peas and greens and rode horses and four wheelers. I went to college on a softball scholarship. My mom saw an ad for Model Search America and suggested I be a model but I wanted to be a teacher. She took me anyway and that was the day that changed my life. They picked me up and I did ads for Parisians and Gayfers. Wilhemina picked me up and I moved to Miami for five years. I did the video with Jay-Z and Timbaland for their song ‘Lobster and Shrimp’ and danced on top of a light box. I did a Versace runway show. Growing up in Butler and my mom teaching me beauty is on the inside, not the outside has kept me grounded. The skin on my face won’t always be tight.”

“I have two boys, 11 and 13. I was a single mom raising my kids in L.A. My sons wanted to be closer to their Nana and Pawpaw. Rent was $2500 a month for a two bedroom and I was modeling and the executive assistant to a bank president to help support us. My mom always asked me to move back home. I told her when she saw my red shoes come through the door, she would know I had come back home. So when I made the decision to move back to Alabama, I mailed her my red shoes. I can’t live without those red pumps. Maybe it is Dorothy going home. I have lived here since ’09. I got a job with a disaster recovery company and met my husband at a gas station in 2010. He had pretty teeth. We had dinner and got married six months later.”

“I opened Loped modeling agency in November and have over 70 talents. I work hard to get clients to look at my talent for advertisements and movies shooting in the area. I know the ins and outs of modeling and develop my models so they are prepared and have a confidence and presence about them. I get to discover untapped talent and develop their potential. They become my babies and I get to be in a girls’ world on the weekends when I am with them. I am looking for confidence and determination that you want to do this. I want to be the next Ford or Elite and be based in Mobile. This is a great city but we are behind the times here but I want to help us catch up. I am like my Grandma. I don’t meet a stranger and I am a hugger. I am me, this is what you get.”


  1. Patrick Whitted

    Proud of cousin!

  2. Ginger McIlwain

    I am from Silas Al. I would love for my daughter to model some but I think she lacks the confidence. Would love your help to get her started.

  3. Kemeshia Smith

    So freaking proud of my sister in love!!!! I know, without a doubt, that Loped will do amazing things and I cannot wait to be a witness if all!

  4. Renee Haynie

    My daughter wants to model but I feel that it will cost too much. She already plays softball and is involved the Auburn Chapter Jr. MANNRS Program

  5. Darren James

    Awesome article! I grew up in Yantley, AL. I miss AL.

  6. Jerome Robinson

    My classmate and really like a sister congrats

  7. Chiquita

    Are you looking for stud models I think I could pull it off

  8. Tiffini Crosby Whitted

    So proud of you Nicey, God bless you and your vision.

  9. Latosha Jones

    Hello I have a 3 year old daughter and she’s full of character I’ve searched for things for her to do but no success I’d love for her to be apart of this

  10. Mindy Hearon

    Girl you have always been beautiful. And I still remember us being classmates. And the bad thing that happened when we was teenagers. Love ya girl.

  11. Vickey Whitted

    love u and so proud we’re family

  12. Martha Kirksey Davis

    Hi Deise….so proud of you…I too wanted my daughter to model….she has not shared my interest …

  13. Demarco Cottrell

    I am 40 years old and I have been thinking about modeling. It’s a dream I have and wish I could pursue it.

  14. Sierra Summerville

    I’m from Thomaston, AL and I would like my daughter to be a model. Great Job!!!

  15. Tonya Moss Spears

    Awesome….beautiful inside and out

  16. Sharon Shepherd

    So proud of this Mt. Sterling girl. Love you!

  17. Joanna McGrew

    Hello. We had several people try to encourage my daughter to model when she was younger. The expos were expensive and time consuming at such a young age, so we passed. Since she is older, we are ready to see if she still has a possible future in the modeling industry. Any helpful information will be greatly appreciated.

  18. Linda Kelley Lewis

    I am from Lavaca, AL. So proud to hear anything up lifting from Choctaw County. And may you be blessed in what you are trying to do.

  19. Vanessa

    Hi I’m from Demopolis, Al. I am proud of all of your accomplishments. I would like more info about your agency for my daughter.

  20. Betty Redd

    Congratulations! Sis-n-law you are a true jewel! God will always bless you and all that you do. Your mother was so correct because you are beautiful person from both the inside out.

    Best wishes

  21. John McLaughlin

    Such an inspiring post ! Persistence and hard work is a deadly combination. It can bring out amazing results . Your life proves this


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