I had never met him in person and he proposed to me in a letter

January 31, 2018

The people of First Christian Church in Mobile…

“I started going to First Christian when I was 13, I am 92 now. I am one of the few my age left. There is a joke about two little old ladies sitting on the porch and one says ‘Alice we have gotten so old that all of our friends have died and gone to heaven. They are going to think that we didn’t make it.’ I feel a little like that.

I met my husband, Gerald, through this church. This is his picture on the wall. He was serving in the Philippines during World War ll and I mailed the church newsletter to the servicemen. Clarence was on the list. He was ten years older than me and I had never met him. He asked me to write to him and later asked me to send him pictures so I did. I used to take a lot of pictures in those days. We wrote more often and it got more private. He sent money to his mother and asked her to buy an engagement ring and she gave it to me. He proposed in a letter and I still had not seen him except for pictures. We kept writing and I didn’t meet him until after he got home from the war. He came home in July and we got married the 27th of August. We were married 67 years and had three children. He died five years ago. He was a good Christian guy. He had quite a temper when he was younger, but when he was older, he mellowed. People tell me I need to meet another man. I did that once, I don’t need to do it again.”

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  1. Dawn

    Amen! Great life…great story! Thank you for sharing!


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