I opened my own business. This is my proudest moment

January 21, 2022

“I am from Itta Bena and opened this store in Tchula on Dec 5. I used to set up at flea markets in different towns. I had a good time meeting people and decided to go into my own business. I get to enjoy life and help other people. This is my proudest moment.

I don’t do hair, I sell hair and beauty supplies. It’s gone well so far. I want to help people and be there for them, not use them. I laugh, joke and talk with my customers. I like to see elderly people dressed nicely with their earrings and hair. I like girls coming in here so I can tell them how beautiful they are. If I tell them all of the time, maybe they won’t get in trouble. Everyone wants to feel beautiful.

There aren’t many stores around here. Some people don’t have transportation, but they need things, too. I wanted to open a business in Tchula to make it convenient for people to shop. People charge an arm and a leg just to carry folks somewhere. Some people come in here a little short on money and I help them out.

My mom worked hard all of her life to keep us on the right path. The hardest thing I have been through was watching my dad suffer from strokes. He couldn’t walk or talk. It’s so hard to see your parents go through that. I want to open my own organization to help the elderly. If we could just be there for them, we would be alright.

I know what people say about Tchula, but I overlook that. There are good people here like everywhere else, just get out in the community. When you meet them, the positive overcomes the negative. If you treat people right, you will get your blessing. Right now everybody needs help and a prayer.”




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