I send out about 300 Christmas cards a year

December 25, 2017

“I send out about 300 Christmas cards a year. A lot of them this is the only card they get and they tell me it makes them feel good and brightens their day. If you are down and out it is good to know someone cares. I started sending cards after I came home from Vietnam. I keep phone numbers in these notebooks too because it brightens up a day to get a call. As long as I can make someone else’s day better than mine, then I have accomplished something. I need go get new notebooks because some of these are falling apart. I keep phone numbers in here, too, and try to make phone calls to keep in touch.

A lot on this page are Army buddies. This one went to automotive school with me. I used to work on cars but I didn’t keep up with the technology. I left the industry because I felt they were cheating people. I couldn’t charge you $300 because a plug was loose.

I once worked at the hospital and had seven jobs. I started out as the pot and pan man but quit when they told me I had to mop the floors on four floors, too, but they couldn’t pay me more than $7 an hour. I was as high as I cold go so I quit and started cutting yards for two sisters. I am still working for them ten years later. Word got around and I started doing work for other people, too. I am 73 and I am trying to slow down.

I go by and check on the elderly in nursing homes once a week. A lot of their people drop them off and don’t worry about them or go to see them. When they do that, the people don’t live too long. If I get sick, I hope someone comes by to see me.

I treat people the way I want to be treated. I try to tell the younger generation you can’t charge for everything you do. Sometimes you help people even though they can’t pay you. I help people because I can. I remember when I didn’t have anything and people helped me. My mama taught me that if you don’t have enough candy to give everyone some, don’t give anyone some. You have to be fair and good to everyone. That has always stuck with me.”


  1. Adrian

    Mr. Edward Sanders is one of the best person’s I have ever had a chance to meet,learn and interact with. He is a strong,caring and generous person that will give you the shirt off his back and will go to no end to help friends,families, and loved ones. If Edward Sanders is your friend,he’s your friend til the end!!!! Thanks Mr.Ed for everything you’ve taken time to impart in me.(wisdom,patience,gratitude and so much more)

    With much love and respect Son-in-law

  2. With love always Mr Ed. Your true friend and classmate

    Edward Sanders is my classmate. We graduated the year of 1964. He offered my father 50 cent to let him have me and take me home when we were in junior high school. My dad jokingly told him to give him the money and he could marry me. Ed being the sweet person that he is reached in his packet and put the money in my dads hand. I stood there in shock wondering how could you sell me to someone who is not my boyfriend and give him such a low price for your daughter. My dad burst out laughing and Ed looked at me and said let’s go LOL!!! My dad said boy take this money and get out my yard. We are still laughing about that today. He is the very best friend and dependable person ANYONE could have as a friend. I truly admire him as a very good friend and a dependable person and friend. He just told me the other day that he’s happy my dad didn’t take his money because now he wouldn’t have me LOL. I LOVE my forever friend. I also get a Mother’s Day card from him as well. It doesn’t matter if he gets one in return he will continue to give you one.

    • Lynn Oldshue

      Thank you for sharing this story. I love it when Mr. Ed starts cutting up.

    • Diann Jackson

      I love the story on Mr Edward Sanders. I met him in 1974 when he and my husband were army buddies. He has remained a true friend; sending cards several times throughout the year and calling; even visiting when ever he can. Known to my family as the “Old. Soldier” he has made us all feel special.

  3. Elbert Hare

    Ed(Old Soldier) has been my friend for now close to 50 years. We were high school class mates and served in the Army’s 18th Airborne at Fort Bragg together just different Units. Ed never fails to send a card or give a call to update me on what’s happening at home or with class mates. I am always uplifted after talking with Ed,,,
    If Ed is your friend you are very blessed I know I am.
    I am always there for you Ed as you are for so many.


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