I started taking windsurfing lessons in March

November 18, 2022

“I started taking windsurfing lessons in March. It’s hard to learn, but I love it. It takes coordination to balance the board and steer with your weight while holding on to the sail and the boom. A lot goes on at once. It’s so much fun when the wind hits the sail and I am leaning my body weight against it. Windsurfing is close to flying.

My parents windsurfed on Mobile Bay when they were young. It was big on the Eastern Shore in the 80s and 90s. Facebook Marketplace has used hot pink and teal windsurfing gear from that era.

I like challenges and physical sports. I have ridden horses my whole life, but it became too much time and expense. I wanted to try something else that still gives a thrill. Falling on the water is not as bad as falling off a horse and hitting the ground.

I am going through life changes. I worked in aviation management, but recently finished my master’s degree in foreign policy and Middle East affairs. My husband and I are moving to Washington D.C. I will figure out where to go from there.”



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