I went to a pawn shop today and got this guitar

May 4, 2024

“I’m from England but live in Hamburg, Germany. I’m here for two weeks and wanted to make the most of the beach. I went to a pawn shop today and got this guitar. I’ve been playing off and on for five years, but properly for a year. I also write songs and started playing them at open mics around Hamburg. Songwriting is releasing emotions and saying things I wouldn’t usually say out loud. That’s useful.

I’m proud of some of the songs I’ve written. One of my favorites is ‘Listen’. In England at least, men don’t talk when they’re feeling rubbish. We box things in, dealing with it on our own. It’s hard to say out loud that you’re struggling. ‘Listen’ is about looking out for your mates and asking if they’re okay.

I have the setup to record songs in my bedroom. It’s a start. I’m working on building confidence and believing I can do this–not listening to the thoughts in the back of my head that I’m too stupid. Or I’m not good-looking or talented enough to try.

I’m at a crossroads about where I am and what I want to do next. I’ve worked for Airbus for fourteen years. Airbus sent me here to work on a problem with the same aircraft that we have in Hamburg. I’m showing them how to fix it.

This is my first time in America. The people are the best part–so nice and talkative. It’s refreshing. The weather is also a good change from the gray skies of Hamburg. I’m surprised how much I enjoy it here. Makes me want to move somewhere like this with better weather than Germany or England. That’s another crossroads. There’s a lot to figure out.”


Craig will play a few of his songs at the Book Cellar at Page and Palette in Fairhope on Sunday, May 5th at 3 p.m. He’ll play for about 30 minutes. He can go back to Germany saying he played his songs in the U.S.


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