I’m a banista

April 14, 2024

“‘Come get a snack, friend.  Happy Funday Monday. We’re manifesting that it’s Friday.’ Those are a few things I say inviting people to get free bananas from our cart.  I also tell people that a banana a day keeps the doctor away–I have arthritis in my knees and know this is true. 

I’m a banista. I smile, hand out bananas, make new friends, and have a good time. Amazon started giving away bananas from this cart about ten years ago. We give bananas to anyone, not just the Amazonians working close by. Handing out bananas is a good way to help people start their day. Everyone leaves happy.

We go through about 15 boxes of 100 bananas a day. These bananas are more than just breakfast and a snack. We have one bin that’s ‘banana bread ready.’ Some folks fry up the green bananas or make porridge. 

The banistas work for Northwest Center, a nonprofit providing services for people with disabilities. Amazon is supportive of the Northwest Center and teams up for a lot of jobs like this. 

I call this cart Club GoGo Bananas. I have positive energy and a good vibe and keep the music going. My mom is from Texas, and my dad is from Louisiana–this counts as southern hospitality. 

Top of the morning, y’all.”

Lanasha (in Seattle)


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