I’m the middle child, but I’ve been the only child this week

April 27, 2024

Sorella: “My mom gave my two sisters and me experiences instead of gifts for Christmas. I chose to come to the Moon Crush music festival in Florida to see Noah Kahan. Mom always plays music around me, so I wanted to share this with her. I’m the middle child, but I’ve been the only child this week. It’s nice to have Mom alone and get to know more about her. I’ve heard some new stories.”

Vanessa: “Sorella’s finally at the age where I can reveal a little more of my crazy days when I was her age. I’m learning about her, too. We were sitting over there on the beach. Suddenly she grabbed her chair and beelined it to the sandbar. I thought, ‘What’s she doing?’ Then ‘That looks amazing. I’ll be right there.’ Sorella’s a woman of few words. She does what she wants, and I follow.

The music we listen to has started crossing paths. Sorella showed me the Moon Crush lineup with bands we both love, like the Revivalists. She turned me on to Noah Kahan but gets mad when I just say ‘Noah’.”

Sorella: “She doesn’t know him personally.”

Vanessa: “Music is always recycled through generations—it’s fun hearing my girls listen to Billy Idol. Sorella, your kids will listen to Noah Kahan.”

Sorella: “My generation connects with Noah Kahan because he’s had a lot of issues in his life and writes about hard things—the things we are facing now. His song, ‘Stick Season’ talks about how sad COVID made him. That was a hard time for all of us.”

Vanessa. “I call Sorella my little plant. I don’t always know the nutrients she needs, but here’s a little music, sunshine, and sand. No more presents for these girls. Just experiences. Time together is what we do.”

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  1. Michelle

    This is so beautiful. Grandma always said she wished she could have raised each one of us as an only child. (three daugthers). I totally get it. So perfect to have one on one time to be together. Just like we did Vanessa with our butterfly day by the stream. Best gift ever is to give them your time!


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