Just because my legs don’t work doesn’t mean I can’t fish

April 29, 2018

“Just because my legs don’t work, don’t mean I can’t do anything like fishing. I have enjoyed myself out here and haven’t counted how many I caught.

I was shot in the military in Germany in 1996. I was a nurse in the Army and it was from friendly fire. A soldier on PCP. I had to learn a new way of doing things. I figure if God had meant for me to die, I would have died. I am still here so there is no use in rolling over and playing dead. I did 16 years in the military and was medically discharged. I went back to school and got my Ph.D. in religious education.

I saw the violence in Birmingham and it seemed like everyone was waiting for someone else to do something so I started Say No to Guns and Yes to Life about six months ago. The only way this will change is if people of God go out and do something. I don’t believe in sitting around and waiting on the government to bring change. This is starting at home and we have to find out what is bothering the young people and how can we help them and get the is problem solved. I want to help young people and get them to stop killing each other and to see that guns are not the answer. I want to show them another way of life. I raised three children. Two work in home healthcare and the other is a lawyer

I could feel sorry for myself or realize this happened for a reason and get out and have a life. Just because my legs don’t work doesn’t mean I am going to stay in the house.I have worked with the legislature on a bill to help people in wheelchairs. If things happen to you, they happen for a reason. You can use it or sit around and have a pity party. I don’t do pity parties so I help where I can. There are other people who are worse off than I am.

Love is the answer to everything in the world. Just love one person and it is contagious. Every day of my life I go out and try to help someone else. Every day. At night I thank God for the people I came into contact with and want Him to bless them and bring joy into their life. I am going to pray for you tonight.”


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