Music is how I express the feelings I am trying to understand

March 30, 2020

“I used to play with the Brigham Cason Trio. I went to college in Nashville to major in songwriting and started more solo projects. I want to be a singer-songwriter. Nashville is hard to break into and sometimes you have to pay to play. I am too broke to do that. I am back home because of the Coronavirus and this is my first time to busk in Mobile. I have always wanted to do this, but I was scared to try. It is great to play on Dauphin Street and make eye contact with people.

I started playing drums because my dad played them. I discovered a love for all music and wanted to create it. I started writing awful songs, but it was a release. Music made me feel good and I wanted to give that to others. I am an earthy guy and like to sit in nature. I played percussion in the Mobile Youth Orchestra and that had a big influence on my music.
My parents divorced last May. That was hard. Regardless of what age you are, your parents are your rock. Then the rock splits and you don’t know what is true. These people you thought were inseparable separate and take two different paths. Music helped me get through it. I always loved playing, but this guitar has become so much more than an instrument. It is what I hold on to during difficult times. Music is how I express the feelings I am trying to understand.”


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