The whole idea of being human is to recognize other’s needs no matter who they are

August 31, 2016

“I am here taking care of my granddaughter while my son and his wife have their second child. She grows up too fast and it is good to have time with her. We are retired now and live in Georgia. I used to work with migrant children in schools under the auspices of the Georgia Department of Education. It was fulfilling in many ways. The kids had so much potential, but were often undocumented. Our job was to make sure the funding was used correctly and went to helping the children. There were tremendous successes. They got scholarships or medical services they couldn’t afford. People would complain about migrants and say they are taking our jobs and I would ask them if they want to work in a field 12 hours a day, from dawn to dark and get paid what they get paid. The work these guys do is not something most Americans want to do. We also want to eat without paying an arm and a leg for it. We tried to help migrant families find a way to survive. A lot of them came and went. The job was frustrating and heartbreaking to see what they were going through. They were good and honest people just trying to survive. The whole idea of being human is to recognize other’s needs no matter who they are. They don’t get benefits, services, retirement or health care. Many don’t even get minimum wage. The kids are going to school, but if you don’t have a green card you can’t find a job. Without the right paperwork you can’t go anywhere in the country, so many bright kids went back into the fields. Every hand means a little more money. Families follow the crops. Kids who come from Texas into Georgia mid-year come from a different school system. There were 13 and 14-year-old kids who spoke no English going into middle school. It takes time and there was never any consistency because they would move again. It was frustrating for students and teachers. I am pro-immigration. We are a big country with a lot of space and potential. The majority of people just want to live and provide for their families. I taught pre-K for a long time and the biggest concept I tried to get across was diversity. Without diversity, everything would be the same, there would be no chocolate ice cream or strawberry ice cream. We need diversity.


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