These commandments tell the truth

December 26, 2017

“One of my peanut customers gave me the Ten Commandments for Daily Living. He saw my picture of Jesus and I told him that when you believe you keep him close by. I love these commandments because they tell the truth. Be honest, do your best, live your life, be the best you and don’t cheat people and good things will come to you. I have to be true to my family and customers. I don’t want to do anyone wrong. I have had this stand for about eight years. Some days are better than others but the Lord has blessed us to be out here this long. I want to keep my family happy and safe and my husband’s health where it is. Other than that, I am so blessed I don’t need to ask for anything else.”

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  1. Melissa wilson

    Thank you so mich for showing my story…..we love and appreciate every one who we see.Everyone has a story and we share them with them!We love to see all of or friends old and new….Thank you again…..Melissa and Jim


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