They taught us to love and accept everyone, not to hate

January 30, 2020

“My family was L.V. Hall who worked with T.Y. Rogers to end segregation in Tuscaloosa. They also organized Bloody Tuesday in Tuscaloosa to protest segregated drinking fountains and restrooms at the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse. They marched and were beaten, tear-gassed and arrested by the police and the crowd. My cousin, Lela Mae Davis, was also there. We called her Baby Sister. She was a teenager at the protest. The teenagers were active because they were tired of being treated that way and they thought they were invincible. L.V. knew Ralph Abernathy, Dr. King, and Charles Steele. They had their rallies at First African Baptist in Tuscaloosa. I am thankful they stood up for what is right. They taught us how to love and accept everyone, not to hate. That is in me. I am a nurse and care for others. I want to help bring people together and to recognize we are all spirit. We should all be conscious, awake, and love each other.”


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