This is our Double D’s weekend

February 11, 2024

Danielle: “This is our Double Ds weekend. We are Danielle and Deanna–both queens of the Mobile Mystics. Our husband and boyfriend don’t like Mardi Gras, so we load up and do this weekend together.”

Deanna: “I was queen in 2000. Danielle was queen in 2007. We met when the Mystics put us in the same cart during an anniversary-year parade; we immediately started laughing and cutting up. People were screaming our names. We thought we were famous. Then we realized they were reading the signs with Queen Deanna and Queen Danielle on the sides of our cart. We’ve been best friends ever since.”

Danielle: “I grew up going to Mardi Gras parades and dreaming of being a queen. Then it happened. It was a magical year of being the center of attention. I felt like Miss America.”

Deanna: “The attention is fun, but I panicked at the ball. We were behind the stage for callouts. It was my turn. I told my dad I was about to vomit. I couldn’t walk out and do this. He said, ‘Straighten up. Do you know how much money you’re wearing right now?’ Then boom. The lights come on. The curtain opens. I was okay, but I was dragging a 19-foot train behind me. That is heavy enough, but members threw doubloons on my train. Those coins made it heavier and heavier, pulling me backward. Dad finally put arm behind me to push me up.”

Danielle: “I had the same thing. Doubloons were stuck in my crown.”

Deanna: “Dad started the Mobile Mystics Marshalls, and the marshalls ride the same horse every parade. Dad passed away in 2016, three weeks before Mardi Gras. The Mystics draped Dad’s cape over his horse and put his boots backward in his saddle. Dad led the parade in his final ride. A couple of years before he died, I found out I had Leukemia. It happened so fast; my oncologist told me I only had two or three days to live. But I’m about to be ten years cancer-free. Danielle has been with me the whole way. Mardi Gras is our celebration of life, family, and friendship.”



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