We are all going to college in the fall

April 23, 2018

“We are having senior pictures made for signing day. We are all going to college. We are going to Lenoir Rhyne in Hickory, North Carolina and Coastal Alabama.”

“I am going to play football in college with my older brother.”

“I want to be a physical assistant.”

“I am going to be PE teacher or physical therapist.”

“I want to be some in a management position in business.”

“I want to be a real estate agent.”

“We are in Daphne Kappa League. It is a leadership program run by Kappa Alpa Psi. We do community service and take etiquette classes and have been to the ballet. We get to experience a lot of different cultures.”

“Ballet wasn’t my favorite but I am glad I did it once.”

“The bus rides are a lot of fun. We went to Atlanta and took college tours and went to the museums.”

“We also take ACT classes to get our scores up.”

“It is good to have people who care about us. The give us time and extra help to help us achieve our goals.”

“It feels good to be graduating and getting out soon.”

“I am a little scared about getting out. I ain’t going to lie.”


  1. Mary Anne

    Congrats to all!

  2. Douglas Stewart

    I am a graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne University, only it was a college when I was there. It’s a great school and I also grew up in Hickory which is a great little city. Good people, good food, and a quality education. My advice is to get involved, try new things, and eat often at Windy City Grill on Hwy 127. Have fun and best of luck!


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