We have been married 56 years and never had a problem

December 13, 2015
We have been married 56 years and never had a problem

“We have been married 56 years and never had a problem. I do what I want to do and she does what she wants to do. I go fishing and hunting and she goes shopping. We go camping all over the United States.”

“We have been in Fairhope for three years but we are like gypsies because he is never satisfied. After three years, he is ready to go.”

“I am ready to move right now. We lived in Poplarville and Picayune. We moved here from Mentone.”

“Why do you need to move every three years?”

“Once you are around a while, you wonder, ‘Goddam, I wonder what is over there. Let’s go look at that.’ I’ve been like that all my life.”

“I am content here. Sooner or later he is going to learn to be content here because I am digging in. I am not moving again until I physically have to go.”

“I have heard this before.”

“We have had a good marriage. We have two children but lost one to melanoma five years ago this month.”

“Here is the story of us. I was engaged to another girl for three years. I was at Nelson’s Drive-In and a little gal says, ‘Hi Butch.’ Goddam, she had shorts on and I thought ‘Son of a bitch, this ass is fine.'”

“Watch your language.”

“It’s gospel. I asked her out and that was it.”

“He is starting to appreciate me now. Every day he tells me how much he loves me.”

“I am trying to get more money for a boat.”


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