We love Fairhope. There is a massive music vibe here without the pressure

January 30, 2017

“I was a bad musician when I got to Nashville and I am not sure why I took the chance and moved there. In high school I thought if I could be the fastest runner or hit the hardest in football, I would be the best. I didn’t grow up singing so I thought singing the loudest and being super country would get attention. That wasn’t my voice and Shawna taught me to sing softer and with control.”

“I found my voice and who I am as an artist when Keifer and I played acoustically on Broadway. He played in a band and sometimes I sang with them, but when the two of us played the songs we loved artistically, that is where we found our sound for Thompson Square.”

“It was a whirlwind when ‘Are you Gonna Kiss Me or Not?’ took off. We played 250 shows a year plus travel days and didn’t have a chance to enjoy it. Now we are slowing down and enjoying life and creating and performing.”

“My dad’s death was a slap in the face and I wanted to come back home. Nashville has always been about work and never felt like home. We love Fairhope and there are artists and painters and a massive music vibe down here without the pressure.”

“I didn’t think I would like it here, but we have gotten to know our neighbors and some guys at the gym. We are becoming friends with people outside of music. We want to raise Cooper in a small town so it is time to plug in here and build some roots. By the time he goes to school, we may be in a place where we can just play weekends and be home during the week. Most importantly, Shawna is happy here and this is home.”

Here is the full story about Thompson Square — how they made it, the pressures of the industry, their new life as parents, their love for each other and their dream to raise their son in Fairhope.


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