We moved from Chattanooga to Fairhope last night

April 19, 2019

“I moved from Chattanooga to Fairhope last night. My cousins and uncles live here and I came down during summers and spring breaks. I am studying to be a pilot so I can fly my dogs out West. Getting this license is more difficult than I thought. Flying is the easy part. l take my dogs hunting in Montana, Oklahoma, and Kansas. My dad and I duck hunted and I bought a dog when I left Auburn. I sent her to training to be a duck hunter, but she wasn’t that great at it. I started training her on quail and upland and she had a knack for that. This one is a duck machine and he just wants to please you. The gray on his face is when he can’t please you and he stresses out about it. If a ball goes on the other side of the fence and he can’t get it, he freaks out. He is 110 pounds and a badass. He does everything by hand signals. They are a team who work together. They all have their strengths. One ranges out a little further, one stays in close, one picks up the birds. We sweep the fields. This past year I walked 195 miles for eight birds in Montana. They ran 1,000 miles apiece. Grouse hunting isn’t for everyone. They are really smart birds.

We are starting an apartment project in Fairhope called Henry Lofts. Henry Wise was my cousin who passed away two years ago in a horrible boating accident. He was 19. We are naming the apartment complex after him. Moving to Fairhope is coming home to my family.”


  1. Dawn


  2. Dawn

    Love your story! ❤

  3. Sergeant wise

    Haha not to bad hahaha wish I would have told a better story now

  4. Linda Pond

    My daughter Caroline graduated from Bayside with Henry. We live in Spanish Fort and she would occasionally spend the night at the Wise’s during the school year. We love all of them miss Henry terribly. I had asked Paige about this property in Fairhope. My parents live in Mobile my mother has Alzheimer’s and my dad has a heart condition I need for them to move across the bay and your location looks ideal for them. Please send me any information you can about availability etc.
    Thank you.


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