We moved here from bigger cities. We try to tell our friends most people in the South aren’t crazy

April 23, 2019

“My family moved here from Las Vegas. It was an exciting place to live. I have also spent time in  Boston. From Vegas to Boston, everyone has ideas of what the South is like and they are usually bad. I try to explain to them that it is nice and peaceful and most people aren’t crazy. They don’t ride horses down the street or play banjos on the porch.”

“I am from New York. We met working at Forever 21. I feel calmer living here. I took out a loan to get my associates degree. I can’t pay it off yet and have no idea what I want to do. I am indecisive and feel like I need to make decisions now.”
“I am about to graduate. I am going to college here, but after that I want to try to model in New York. I started modeling when I was 14. My sister is the only person from my family who graduated from high school and college. She is my inspiration and I want to be like her.”
“I just went through a breakup with my boyfriend. We were together 3 1/2 years. It is hard. I had to unfollow him from social media to quit thinking about him.”
“My boyfriend and I broke up the same day. We tried to laugh our way through our breakups even though they aren’t funny.  My ex told me I am not going to do anything in life and that I wasn’t going anywhere. He told me his career was more important than I was and I am never going to be a priority. He wouldn’t go to prom with me because he said it was degrading. I believe love is love and everyone deserves to love someone no matter who you love. He doesn’t believe that.”


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