We sold watermelons to pay for camp and your dinner tonight

July 26, 2017

“I am Lakeland and I am 7.”

“I am Noah and I am 8.”

“We sold hundreds of watermelons this summer to pay for our camp and to pay for the dinner for your group tonight. People stopped by the yard and bought them. Mama gave the money, but we raised it. We helped my grandma cook your dinner tonight.”

“I had a lemonade stand, too.”

“We also make bags of Bibles and games and deliver them to nursing homes.”

“We helped work at a church and took boxes of food to help people who lost their homes in the tornado.”

“When I grew up I want to be a doctor and help people in the community.”

“I want to be a firefighter who works at the firehouse across the road because that is where the movie Fireproof was made.”

“What is something unusual about you?”

“I like to wear jeans and boots in the summer, even if it is 100 degrees.”

“I like fairy princesses.”



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