I started Our Southern Souls after writing a story about the bus riders of Mobile, Alabama. I rode the bus for months, listening to the stories of people who depend on public transportation for everything from work and school to shopping and appointments. I missed those interviews when the story was finished, but my husband gave me the Humans of New York and said to keep doing it.

Our Southern Souls is now almost 2,000 interviews, and some of the stories were in a book we published a few years ago.

The stories are all unique, just like the people who shared them. They are funny and inspiring, sad and heartbreaking, or a quick moment in time. Still more are inspiring, and many connect us with history. Each story is a reminder of the broken and better sides of all of us and what humans overcome on a daily basis—just to live our lives.

Readers say they find a part of themselves in the stories or share similar thoughts and feelings. These “strangers” and their stories have changed my life and helped me find my own story.  There are interesting people all around us, we just need to open our eyes to see them.

Thank you for reading Souls,

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