Fishing is time together

December 11, 2015
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Fishing is time together

Fishing is time together

“We need to find someone with a boat to take us fishing. My older brother used to take us, but he has cancer. I lost one brother a year ago to cancer. The brother next to me, they took out his right colon. They did surgery on his oldest son last week and they had to take out one of his kidneys. Our grandmother on our daddy’s side had cancer, so it runs in the family.

Fishing is time together. When we were younger all of us got together for Sunday dinner. There was 13 of us. Seven brothers and six sisters. Things change and technology changes things. We aren’t as family oriented anymore.

Our family was part of the Bryars/Hadley feud way back when. It was over a goat or a pig. Several people were shot and it went all of the way to the Supreme Court.”

(Click Here to read the story of the Bryars/Hadley feud.)

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