I was trying to make a tall vessel and it slumped into a body

March 18, 2017

My mother didn’t let me play in the mud when I was young, so I had to wait until I was grown to play in it. As a young pre-teen, I always liked to be making something, so I came back to it. The bass of it this is clay and it is raku fired, which is a Japanese process. I am not creating work that represents a particular ethnic group or culture, it is just something that comes out. Each piece is different and I don’t use any molds. I started off making pots and it evolved into sculptural pieces. I was trying to make a tall vessel and it slumped into a body. I put a head and some arms on it and had myself a sculpture. The theme is the hairdo and the hair was trial and error and trying to do things I shouldn’t do. It worked for me. I enjoy pushing the limit and doing the things that shouldn’t work. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but that is the fun part and you move on. The faces come and happen, I can’t overthink it. It starts with a general form and you just know. My emphasis is on the hair. I have used handmade beads out of clay and commercial beads I have strung together. I started this back in ’90. I have also been an art teacher for 38 years. Kids come back now and tell me they incorporate art into their jobs. You never know who you are going to touch.”


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